The Brake Roadmap for safe and healthy journeys gives people the information they need to be safer on the roads.

The project, run by Brake, the road safety charity in partnership with Direct Line and Green Flag, covers topics from using the right vehicle to what to do in a breakdown or crash.

Anyone who signs up to the ‘My Brake’ hub on will be able to access the Roadmap’s fact and information pages, and will receive access to an action pack of resources to share on social media. Once you’ve registered, go to to sign the Roadmap pledge and find out more about how you can play your part in achieving safe and healthy journeys for everyone.

Brake has launched the Roadmap for safe and healthy journeys because, sadly, thousands of people are still killed and injured on our roads every year. Road crashes are a preventable epidemic, that are killing our next generation and causing life-long disabilities such as paralysis, head injuries and amputation. Collisions are the biggest killer of people aged five to 29 worldwide, and 1.35 million road deaths are recorded every year [1].

Everyone has the right to move in a safe and healthy way, as part of our normal day, wherever we are; in cities, towns, villages, or when moving between places.

This information in the Roadmap will cover:

  • Choosing the right vehicle
  • Choosing the right mode of transport for a journey
  • Checking it’s safe to travel
  • Checking your car or bike is safe to use
  • Making sure that you are fit to drive or ride
  • Be safe and secure in your vehicle
  • How to drive or ride safely
  • What to do if you breakdown or crash

Brake will also produce a series of short films explaining the Roadmap’s key topics, and further support it with infographics, blogs, and more.

Mary Williams, Chief Executive at Brake said: “At Brake we believe that no-one should be killed or injured in road crashes, and that everyone has the right to safe and healthy mobility. We hope that this Roadmap for safe and healthy journeys helps people understand how to look after themselves and their loved ones, and how they can contribute to a world where everyone can move around safely. We thank Direct Line and Green Flag for supporting this project, and enabling us to provide people with the tools to make informed decisions on how they travel.”

Lorraine Price, Head of Direct Line Motor Insurance said: “By providing information and tools, through the Brake Roadmap, we believe we can give people the knowledge and understanding to make safe and considered choices, improving roads for everyone.”

Mark Newberry, Commercial Director at Green Flag, said: “At Green Flag we want drivers to feel well prepared when they’re on the roads and to reach their destinations safely. By supporting the Brake Roadmap, we can provide drivers with useful tips and information to help keep them, and others, on the road safe.”