This estimate represents about 15% of all deaths in reported road crashes during 2020.

Commenting on the figures, Jason Wakeford, head of campaigns at road safety charity Brake, said: “Thousands of people are needlessly killed and injured at the hands of drink-drivers every year.

“A recent Brake analysis shows that, between 2012 and 2019, there were a staggering 46,860 drink-driving-related crashes, causing 1,860 deaths and 13,340 serious injuries.

“We need to change the culture around drink-driving, starting with more awareness that any amount can be deadly. While measures such as effective ongoing police enforcement and public information campaigns, including THINK!, are helping to reduce deaths and injuries, Government should follow Scotland’s lead and reduce the legal limit. Such a move would make it clear to drivers that no amount of alcohol is safe when behind the wheel.”