Both organisations are passionate about road safety for all road users and RoadHow are not only supporting Brake as a new corporate partner, they are also fundraising with every new subscriber using the code BRAKE21. The RoadHow app is now available to download via The App Store or the Google Play store and new members can use the token BRAKE21 when registering to give 20% directly to Brake. Subscribers who choose to purchase access to the RoadHow Rewards platform will also generate £5 directly to Brake. This funding will support Brake’s campaign work for safer streets, the National Road Victim Service and the Global Fleet Champions initiative for at-work drivers.

Adrian Ryan, CEO of RoadHow, says: “RoadHow exists to improve driver and biker knowledge and awareness so that they are safer when out on the road. By working with drivers, bikers, people who drive for work and insurance providers we are able to start to effect change in the mindset of motorists using incentives, support and rewards, underpinned by ongoing learning and improvement in skills and awareness. In short, drivers and bikers can access rewards and better premiums for investing in their skills and knowledge, which in turn we expect to manifest itself over time in the form of a reduction of collisions, injuries and deaths on the road.”

He added that “We don’t just want to help Brake to improve road safety and the decision making of drivers and bikers; we at RoadHow also want to support Brake to raise funds to support those affected by road crashes. That’s why we have not only become Corporate Partners of Brake, we have also entered into a pioneering fundraising agreement with them to help Brake to maximise their ability to help those in need. For every subscriber to the RoadHow app or RoadHow Rewards platform, we at RoadHow will share up to 20% of our revenue with Brake, which will go directly towards helping those affected by road deaths and injuries.”

Chris Willocks, Corporate Partnership Manager at Brake added “At Brake we’ve spent 25 years campaigning to end road death and injuries and supporting road victims. We’re excited to work with new organisations like RoadHow who are using new and pioneering technologies to join this campaign and improve road safety for their customers. We’re grateful for their support now and as subscribers continue to join the new platform.”