Busby, a free smartphone app for all, uses an accurate incident detection algorithm to send automatic alerts to selected emergency contacts and first responders after a crash. The app can tell them your precise location, meaning help is on the way whether you are travelling by car, on foot, by bike or horse riding.

Brake, the charity behind Road Safety Week – the UK’s biggest road safety event – is sharing information about the app to encourage people to get help quickly after an incident. Brake has been supporting road victims for over 25 years and delivers the UK’s National Road Victim Service to offer help and support following a crash.

Busby is offering all Brake supporters premium access to the app at a discounted rate. For every person who signs up to the offer – saving 25% on the full subscription price – Busby will donate £5 to Brake to support the charity’s vital work caring for road crash victims and campaigning for safe and healthy journeys for all. Busby will also support Brake through sponsorship opportunities and promote the charity to its membership base.

The partnership will also see Busby’s RoadRadar system presented to commercial fleet operators that have signed up to the Global Fleet Champions campaign which is run by Brake. RoadRadar’s patent-pending technology alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists near vehicles. Driver receive an audible or visual warning so they can double-check their surroundings and take action to avoid a crash.

RoadRadar can also be used to collect data that can be used to help prevent prevention and improve driver safety.

James Duffy, co-founder and commercial director of Busby, commented: “We are in awe of the incredibly important work carried out every day by Brake, championing road safety on all sides of the conversation and supporting those affected by road crashes. To partner with such a greatly needed charity is a true honour. We’re looking forward to being involved in the road safety discussion with Brake’s stakeholders and contributing Busby’s technologies to their efforts to end road deaths and injuries.”

Chris Willocks, corporate partnership manager at Brake, added: “It’s incredible to see how far road safety technology has developed since we first began raising awareness of road dangers more than 25 years ago. From our early discussions with the founders of Busby, it was immediately clear that we share a common belief: that safe and healthy mobility is everyone’s human right wherever we are: in cities, towns, villages or moving between places. No one should be killed or seriously injured on roads and we should all be able to move in a safe and healthy way, as part of our normal day. We hope that the safety features in the Busby app will help raise awareness of the particular dangers that face some of our most vulnerable road users, including people who walk and cycle, and assist those in need, should a collision occur.”

Download Busby for free using this link to support Brake https://activate.busby.io/referral/Brake.