In response, Brake’s Head of Public Affairs and Campaign Communications, Alex Close, said:

“This decrease in deaths and serious injuries is a welcome step in the right direction and demonstrates that it is possible to reduce casualties. While the overall numbers are falling, likely due to changes in the way people travelled during Covid-19 restrictions, it is concerning that the rate of road deaths in terms of vehicle miles travelled has shown an increase.

"Every death on our roads is a tragedy for the victims’ loved ones, while injuries can have devastating consequences on an individual’s life. It’s completely unacceptable that each day, people’s lives are cut short or changed forever as a result of preventable road crashes.

"We need a concerted focus on reducing road deaths and catastrophic injuries. This requires ambitious targets to end the carnage on our roads and a focus on Safe Systems, including segregated spaces for cyclists and pedestrians, appropriate speed limits on all roads, and investment in vehicle safety and infrastructure.”