The Bill was unopposed, meaning that it will now be presented in full on 17 May in the House so the details can be debated and analysed by MPs.

This is a big step forward for the campaign to safeguard young drivers on our roads which is being led by Dr Ian Greenwood, Sharron Huddleston and the rest of the Forget-me-not Families Uniting Group.

Responding to this, Ross Moorlock, CEO of Brake, said: "We are thankful to Kim Leadbeater MP for presenting this Ten Minute Rule Bill which, if passed, could save the lives of all types of road users but especially those of young and new drivers.

"And a huge thank you must go to Dr Ian Greenwood, Sharron Huddleston and all those who form the Forget-me-not Families Uniting Group for their tireless campaigning to make our roads safer.

"Brake has been campaigning for years alongside Ian, Sharron and the other families for a Graduated Driving Licence to be brought in, and hearing it read out today in the Commons was a positive step forward.

"We strongly urge other MPs across the House to support this Bill and ensure that we implement the right measures to safeguard those looking to pass their test in the future and make our roads safer for all."