The report summarises Brake’s 2021 campaigning activity and work supporting road crash victims, and outlines its ambitions for the future.

It reveals that almost 1,000 people were supported by Brake’s National Road Victim Service in 2021 - more than we have previously ever been able to support.

Support literature was also distributed to 3,500 people and 155 police officers from 30 forces received information to help them provide better care for road crash victims. Another 394 police officers undertook training about the needs of road victims.

Last year saw the launch of the MyBrake hub on with 7,197 people signing up to gain free resources, tools and guidance to help them campaign for safe and healthy mobility.

The charity launched new campaigns including its Roadmap to Safe and Healthy Journeys in partnership with Direct Line.

More than 4,800 people registered to take part in Road Safety Week 2021, the UK’s biggest road safety campaign, founded and run by Brake. The campaign received coverage in national media reaching more than 22.6 million people.

Campaigns in 2021 included Safe Roads for All, a report which advised the Government on its plans for a road safety strategy.

Brake also campaigned on media topics ranging such as introducing a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol when driving, and launched three new episodes of the Time to Zero In podcast which were downloaded more than 1,000 times.

In Parliament, Brake helped to secure a debate on tougher sentences for hit and run drivers. It also worked with the Government on its announcement about improvements to the law relating to using a phone behind the wheel.

The charity also supported fleet organisations through its Global Fleet Champions campaign and helped more than 50,000 children shout out for safer journeys as part of Brake’s Kids Walk with Shaun the Sheep.

This work was possible thanks to the support of 309 fundraisers who between them raised more than £256,000 for Brake.

The report also outlines Brake’s plans for the future, including the ambition to expand the National Road Victim Service and make its voice louder in Government and in communities.

Mary Williams, Chief Executive of Brake, said: “Road crashes hit at the heart of families and communities, killing and maiming our children, parents, siblings and other loved ones.

“This Impact Report explains how Brake helped nearly 1,000 families affected by bereavement and the most catastrophic injuries in 2021 with our standards-driven National Road Victim Service. Our impact is significantly growing thanks to generous donations and grants, but it is not enough. Our goal is to help 4,500 families bereaved and suffering the most catastrophic injuries, and build much stronger and louder campaigns for safe streets.”