Trials of the new speed limit are already underway in eight areas across Wales, with national rollout planned by September 2023, at which point approximately 35% of roads across the country will be subject to the 20mph limit.

In response to the news, Mary Williams OBE, Brake’s Chief Executive said “Going 20 is an important step to save lives in Wales, and is also in step with decisions across many other nations across the globe. There is undisputable evidence that slowing down prevents crashes and reduces injuries. It gives drivers more time to think and brake and look around for vulnerable road users.

"Going 20 also supports the Government’s decision to introduce a hierarchy of road users in the Highway Code, placing vulnerable road users first, and the new Think! Campaign which asks drivers to consider the safety of people walking and on bicycles and motorbikes. Every day, in the National Road Victim Service, Brake is providing care for families whose loved ones have been killed in crashes, and in many of these crashes speed is a contributory factor. We must all slow down to save lives”.