With large vehicles possessing inherent dangers, particularly around more vulnerable road users and people, both organisations are passionate about doing more to raise safety awareness.

The Tiger Safety Team, set up by CSR Manager Alison Cartwright, will be launching a range of different safety initiatives over the coming months, starting with road safety in collaboration with Brake, before going on to include awareness and training initiatives focussed on specific situations and people in the factory, in communities and on the road.

Chris Willocks, Brake’s Corporate Partnership Manager, comments: “Brake is delighted to welcome Tiger Trailers on board as a corporate sponsor. They share a tangible desire to keep road users and communities safer around large vehicles. We are grateful for Tiger Trailers’ financial support and are are excited about working with them on several joint projects.”

Alison Cartwright, Tiger Trailers’ CSR Manager and the founder of the Tiger Safety Team, says: “We have long been aware of the great work Brake does as a leading road safety promoter in the UK, so it’s fantastic to now be working with their team, with the end goal of keeping road users and other people safer around large vehicles. As a firm and employer keen to give back, Tiger Trailers is delighted to have agreed to support Brake for three years and we look forward to the exciting projects we’ve got planned.

“Tiger Trailers' keen desire to give back to, support, and make a difference in its local communities, the haulage industry and the wider world is multi-faceted, and we are also passionate about sustainability, striving to increasingly introduce environmentally efficient 'green' components and engineering approaches to our products, working alongside like-minded suppliers.”