A new survey has revealed 44% of drivers admit they have broken a 20 mph speed limit by at least 5 mph in the last year, a quarter of drivers (25%) admit they drive too fast in a 20 mph area around once a month, and one in five (20%) have confessed they do it on a weekly basis.

The research also revealed just how many people think the roads near where they live are too dangerous for children because drivers are travelling too quickly. Almost three quarters of people (73%) questioned said they believe traffic is too fast for the safety of children and adults on foot or bike on some roads. One in five people (20%) said the traffic was dangerously fast on most or all of their local roads.

9 March 2016 saw hundreds of schools take part in the first of three Beep Beep! Days being held by Brake in 2016 to help children gain a basic understanding of road safety, and also to emphasise to parents and other adults their responsibilities in protecting children.

To mark this Beep Beep! Day, Brake’s youngest campaigners have starred in a short road safety video entitled “Speeding Is Naughty” to help get the message through to parents and drivers that their selfish actions can put little lives in grave danger.

Brake Campaigner, Rosie Hutton, aged six said: “Speeding is naughty and if you drive too fast you could hurt me. Cars are made of metal and I am not. Please drive slowly near my school.”

Campaigns adviser for Brake, the road safety charity Alice Bailey said: “It was so much fun being involved with the talented youngsters who helped Brake make this year’s Beep Beep! Video, but road safety really isn’t child’s play. 40 children are killed or seriously injured on Great Britain’s roads every week. Beep Beep! Days are a great way to start talking to children about basic road safety messages and also to remind parents,carers and all other adults of their responsibilities when it comes to keeping our roads safe and protecting little lives.”

Head of Churchill Car Insurance, Steve Barrett, said:“We are very proud to be supporting Beep Beep! Day once again this year. Too many children die or are seriously injured on our roads each week. Beep Beep! Day is a great way of starting to educate young children on road safety, as well as raising awareness among drivers, including parents and grandparents, of the need to drive with extreme care when young children are about.”


Nurseries, playgroups, child-minders, infant schools and children’s centres can sign up now to run a Beep Beep! Day. Register online to receive a free electronic resource pack, or purchase a bumper hard-copy pack for £12.60 (inc VAT), including posters, stickers, certificates, activity sheets, road map and hand print poster. Go to www.brake.org.uk/beepbeepday, call 01484 550061 or email:beepbeep@brake.org.uk.

Advice for parents

When your child starts to walk with you around your community, talk to them about how they must always hold your hand. If your child is likely to pull away from you, use safety reins or a wrist strap. Hold hands until your child is at least eight, or longer depending on their development.

Make sure they understand the meaning of stop, traffic, danger, look, listen, walk don't run, and other key words. Encourage your child's nursery or playgroup to teach road safety through a Beep Beep! Day. Your child's learning will be more effective if they are taught about road safety at school as well as at home.


Full survey results

Q.1 Within the past year, have you driven at 25mph or faster in a 20mph speed limit?

Yes, once a day or more 3.5%

Yes, several times a week 9.2%

Yes, about once a week 7.5%

Yes, about once a month 5.1%

Yes, less than once a month 18.6%

No, never 56.2%

Q.2 Do you think traffic in your neighbourhood is too fast for the safety of children or adults on foot or bike?

Yes, traffic is too fast on most/all local roads 19.7%

Yes, traffic is too fast on some local roads 53.5%

No 26.8%