IAM RoadSmart surveyed drivers and riders and found that many had reduced levels of confidence when getting back out on the roads, with one in five feeling more anxious about being on the road post-lockdown. Anxiety levels are significantly lower among advanced drivers and riders.

Advanced driving courses, mature driving reviews, and young driver assessments are designed to better equip you when it comes to everyday driving skills – this is really important as we adapt to changing roads, legislation, and vehicle technology.

Part of being one of the best qualified civilian drivers on the road is the awareness that there’s always something new to learn to make yourself even better. And this has never been truer since returning to the roads; high streets that people were used to driving down suddenly have cycle lanes, and the cost and time savings associated with the flexibility of working from home has made more people re-evaluate their driving habits.

Taking the decision to enhance your driving skills has never been timelier. As well as honing your expertise, taking an advanced driving course will equip you with the knowledge needed to stay safe on the road and provide you with a new set of skills to make each journey more enjoyable.

These courses are structured around you being taken out in your own car for highly immersive one to one sessions that ascertain which areas of your driving may need attention. You then get the opportunity to practice specific skills to the advanced level. This includes control, observation, timing, optimum road positioning and methodologies for dealing with unfamiliar, unpredictable roads and other road users’ behaviour.

The entire journey to becoming an advanced driver will see you become part of a community of like-minded road users, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to share your experiences and new-found knowledge with them.

As soon as you’re ready, you’ll take the challenging Advanced Driving Test, after which you’ll be widely recognised as a fully certified advanced driver and for many this has a positive impact on insurance premiums.

We know how important safe driving is, and in this ever-changing climate the time is right to advance your driving skills. It’s never too late to regain the freedom that driving offers or rebuild confidence that might’ve been lost.