Thank you to the firefighters who would have freed my son from the car.

Thank you to the ambulance crew who tried to save him.

Thank you to the police who would have protected the crash scene.

Thank you to the highway patrol officers and breakdown services who would have secured the road, keeping other drivers safe.

Thank you to our family liaison officer who sat with me and held me when my world had fallen apart.

Not every crash results in a fatality. Some end with life altering injuries that need medical care and family support, long after the headlines have faded.

In some instances, lives are changed forever.

It is impossible to understand the on-going tsunami of emotions that come with losing someone through a road crash let alone the costs and other implications of losing someone in this way.

The trauma and grief that each of these families and unsung heroes have to cope with, stays with them for the rest of their lives.

On our roads, every single life matters.

Thank you all for being heroes and doing what you do so selflessly.

In loving memory of Dev Naran (forever 8).

This blog is published for Road Safety Week 2021 in celebration of the road safety heroes who help us make safe and healthy journeys and support people after road crashes. Click here to find out more and sign up to take part.

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Meera Naran MBE

Road safety campaigner