Road safety research

Brake provides a range of resources to help you to keep up to date with the latest international and UK research and best practice in road safety.

Research library

Brake’s research library provides easy access to a wide range of studies from experts around the globe on road safety topics including driver psychology and behaviour, road engineering and design, vehicle technology and maintenance, road safety campaigns and education, and enforcement and criminal justice. 

Visit Brake's road safety research library.

Survey reports on safe driving

Our safe driving reports are produced by Brake in partnership with insurer Direct Line. They contain surveys of UK drivers, revealing their attitudes and behaviour on key road safety topics, plus related facts and figures, case studies, advice for drivers, and policy recommendations. Topics include drink driving, fatigue, distractions, speed, and criminal justice.

Visit the survey reports on safe driving.

Road safety fact pages

Our fact pages provide an overview of facts and figures on a road safety topic, from safe vehicle design to cyclist safety, plus links to further tools and advice.

Visit the fact pages.

Events and resources for professionals

Brake offers low-cost membership and events sharing research and best practice among road safety and fleet professionals in the UK and round the world.


Info and resources for educators

Teachers, youth workers and nursery, if you would like to receive information about other opportunities and events please sign up at our preference centre. Use our guide to teaching road safety and road safety resources for educators for more information.

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