Advice for drivers

When you drive you’re in charge of a fast-moving chunk of metal that can do a lot of damage to you and other people. That’s why you have a particular responsibility to do everything you can to be safe and protect the people around you.

The good news is there are some really simple steps you can take to hugely reduce your chances of being in a serious crash.

Follow Brake’s advice on each key topic below, and you’ll be helping to prevent devastating crashes, make our streets and communities safer, happier places, and doing your bit for the environment.

Then make our Pledge, a six point plan to help keep yourself and others safe on roads.

 slow2 Slow
Winter and bad weather driving
 sober2 Sober
Drink and drug driving 
 Securethumb Secure
Seat belts and child seats
Vehicle maintenance and breakdowns
 Silentthumb Silent

Eyesight and other medical conditions
Fatigue and driving 

Sustainablethumb Sustainable

Make the Brake Pledge

For more in depth information on more topics, go to our fact pages.

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