Fleet drivers

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FleFleet driveret drivers are at the coal face of road safety. Whether you drive a 38 tonne truck or a delivery moped, you can make a difference on our roads. About one in three road deaths involves a vehicle being driven for work purposes and many more involve people driving to and from work.

Help stop the carnage by ensuring your driving is as safe as it possibly can be, and being an ambassador for safe driving. Start by signing our Pledge and reading the accompanying driver advice and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Help your employer prioritise fleet safety by encouraging them to join Brake Professional, our low-cost service giving road risk management advice on critical topics from driver tiredness to vehicle maintenance. Signing up often helps employers save money as well as protecting their staff and the public from potentially deadly crashes.

You can also encourage your employer or union to take part in Road Safety Week, an ideal time to raise awareness among staff about road safety and raise funds for Brake. 

Finally, help Brake's work to make roads safer and support bereaved and injured crash victims by fundraising for us, making a donation, and backing our campaigns. Thanks for your support!

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