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Make Brake your Charity of the Year

A charity of the year partnership is a great way to unite and motivate employees. Brake can provide you with our experience in this area, ensuring you COTY2have access to lots of charity fundraising resources, ideas and support to build a successful partnership with us that benefits both Brake and you. 

Why support Brake?
Every day, five UK police officers have to break the news to five families, that their loved one has been killed in a road crash.   A further 70 families every day learn that their loved one has been seriously injured, with many suffering brain damage, paralysis or limb loss.  

Brake is a national charity dedicated to preventing these road deaths and injuries from happening and to providing support for people bereaved or injured in road crashes.  

We work with different road users – from children and their parents, to young people learning to drive, to people who drive for work. We produce resources, run training and events and deliver community engagement project which raise awareness about road safety.   Brake’s support division is the national provider of support for road crash victims helping families whose lives have been devastated by a sudden death or serious injury.  It offers emotional support and practical information through a helpline and through support literature that is handed out by police following every fatal road crash in the UK.

Dedicated partnership managerCOTY 1
As your Charity of the Year, Brake will provide you with a dedicated member of staff who will work closely with you to design a partnership that meets your vision.

Tailored partnership
Brake would be delighted to build a bespoke partnership with your organisation, working with you on any specific needs and objectives you may have and helping to help you meet your corporate social responsibility objectives. 

We have a wide range of resources and fundraising materials which will help you promote events internally and externally., We will provide exciting and motivating fundraising and engagement ideas that met the aims of our relationship. Your partnership manager will work closely with you to create a bespoke calendar of activities for your staff to get involved, whatever their interests, from challenge events to in-house office fundraising ideas, we have something for everyone.

Why have a Charity of the Year?
Encouraging your staff to get behind a common goal helps with motivation and team bonding.   By selecting a Charity of the Year, you’re demonstrating to staff, customers, suppliers and your local community that you are an ethical business committed to giving back to society. By selecting Brake, you’re supporting a cause that affects everyone.  Whether a driver, cyclist or a pedestrian, or indeed all of these, everyone is affected by road safety and everyone benefits from increased awareness about the ways we can all keep each other safe when out and about.

For more information
If you are interested in knowing more about how you can partner with us please email or ring Lisa on 01484 683294



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