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Smart motorway danger revealed as less than half of drivers are aware of the rules 28 Oct 20
Brake comments on plans to close mobile phone loophole 17 Oct 20
Brake comments on boom in cycling and walking during lockdown 08 Oct 20
Brake comments on increase in video calling behind the wheel 07 Oct 20
Brake comments on continuing road safety stagnation 30 Sep 20
Brake comments on new legislation for killer drivers 14 Sep 20
‘No need to speed’ announced as theme for UK Road Safety Week 2020 06 Aug 20
Brake comments as the numbers killed on Britain’s roads continues to stagnate 30 Jul 20
Brake comments as the numbers killed on Britain’s roads continues to stagnate 30 Jul 20
Vehicle maintenance danger revealed as drivers flock back to the roads 11 Jun 20
Brake comments as excess speeds in lockdown revealed 02 Jun 20
Brake writes to Roads Minister 06 May 20
Brake welcomes Government plans to boost walking and cycling 09 May 20
Drivers urged to slow down by road safety charities 24 Apr 20
Government funds Brake's road crash victim support 02 Apr 20
Brake and Autoglass® host roundtable to discuss the future of ADAS 30 Mar 20
Brake welcomes Government’s bold vision for the future of transport in the UK 27 Mar 20
Steer clear of risky rural roads to help our NHS workers warns road safety charity 23 Mar 20
Devastated mum backs charity’s campaign to teach young children road safety basics 18 Mar 20
Research reveals almost a third of people killed in cars on Britain’s roads are not wearing a seat belt 13 Mar 20
Brake comments as Government reveals plan to improve safety of smart motorways 12 Mar 20
Brake’s Global Fleet Champions campaign calls on governments and private sector to put road safety first when operating vehicles for work purposes 25 Feb 20
Mandate 20mph speeds in urban areas, say global ministers 19 Feb 20
8,700 people killed or injured in crashes involving a drink driver 12 Feb 20
Over a million drivers admit to using their phones behind the wheel on every journey 11 Feb 20
Brake welcomes announcement of more cycle training for children 07 Feb 20
Brake comments on petrol and diesel car ban being brought forward 04 Feb 20
Brake comments as figures reveal 38 people were killed on smart motorways in last five years 27 Jan 20
Brake comments on Sentencing Council plans to clarify ‘exceptional hardship’ rules for driving bans 22 Jan 20
Nearly two thirds of people feel that drug driving laws are not being properly enforced 16 Jan 20
Brake comments on calls for zero tolerance drink drive limit across Europe 12 Dec 19
Drivers back calls for introduction of random drug and alcohol testing 09 Dec 19
Thousands of children take part in road safety activities 19 Nov 19
Road Safety Week 2019 launched 18 Nov 19
Brake comments on Government response to Transport Committee inquiry on mobile phone use while driving 01 Nov 19
School pupils help charity launch new road safety project in Warwickshire 18 Oct 19
Leeds North West MP wins national road safety award 09 Oct 19
Brake partners with Aardman to launch early years road safety project Beep Beep! Day with Timmy Time 09 Oct 19
Traffic threat makes walking in cities unsafe for children, say drivers 25 Sep 19
33 new drivers have licences revoked every day in 2018 12 Sep 19
Brake comments on increase in drink-driving deaths 28 Aug 19
More than 5,000 repeat drink-drive offenders in past four years 22 Aug 19
Transport Committee calls for tougher restrictions on mobile phone use whilst driving 13 Aug 19
Close penalty point loophole for learner drivers, say road safety charity 07 Aug 19
Moray MP wins national road safety award 01 Aug 19
Brake comments as 3 in 5 adults feel it is too dangerous to cycle on the roads 31 Jul 19
Brake comments as stagnation in Britain’s road safety record continues 25 Jul 19
Roads are more dangerous now than five years ago, say drivers 24 Jul 19
Brake comments on new road safety action plan 19 Jul 19
Brake comments on young driver safety 18 Jul 19
More than 9,000 motorists were caught doing over 100mph last year 15 Jul 19
Brake’s 2019 Family Liaison Officer Awards highlight police support for road crash victims 04 Jul 19
Maria Eagle MP named Road safety Parliamentarian of the Year 04 Jul 19
Thousands of kids march for safer roads 25 Jun 19
Derby teenagers to debate road safety with MP 19 Jun 19
Aggressive driving around cyclists is on the rise, say drivers 11 Jun 19
Susan Elan Jones MP wins national road safety award 03 Jun 19
Theme announced for UK Road Safety Week 2019 30 May 19
One in four people feel it is safe to use a mobile phone when behind the wheel 29 May 19
Rural road speed limits are not safe, say drivers 15 May 19
Albert Owen MP wins national road safety award 13 May 19
Welsh Government plans to introduce 20mph limits on all residential roads 08 May 19
Brake urges UK leadership as UN Road Safety Week launches 06 May 19
Rachel Reeves MP named Road Safety Parliamentarian of the month for March 01 Apr 19
Brake comments as clocks set to change 28 Mar 19
Brake comments as EU lawmakers reach agreement on lifesaving vehicle technology 26 Mar 19
Increase in drivers admitting phone use behind the wheel 21 Mar 19
Brake helps 30,000 children create personalised postcards telling parents how to keep them safe 19 Mar 19
Brake comments on Government's Future of Mobility Urban Strategy 19 Mar 19
Brake welcomes Public Health England’s recommendations to create safe and healthy streets 11 Mar 19
Warwick and Leamington MP wins national road safety award 27 Feb 19
Brake comments as MEPs back life-saving vehicle standards 21 Feb 19
Millions of children learn road safety basics as Brake celebrates 15 years of its Beep Beep! Day project 20 Feb 19
Drink driving deaths reach record high 14 Feb 19
Drivers call on Government to ensure high car safety standards post-Brexit 14 Feb 19
Brake comments on Government plans for advanced trials of autonomous vehicles 07 Feb 19
Don Valley MP wins national road safety award 05 Feb 19
Half of young drivers admit to being in a car with someone not belted up 31 Jan 19
Brake responds to new drug-driving law in Scotland 15 Jan 19
Brake comments on car lobby opposing lifesaving safety measures 14 Dec 18
Brake responds to Scottish drink driving study 13 Dec 18
Road safety charity issues warning about the dangers of drink-driving this Christmas party season 13 Dec 18
Brake comments on new report that reveals road crashes are leading killer of children globally. 07 Dec 18
Member states back lifesaving vehicle tech 29 Nov 18
Those on two wheels 63 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than car drivers 19 Nov 18
Stoke-on-Trent South MP wins national road safety award 29 Oct 18
Darker evenings spell danger for road safety 25 Oct 18
Brake comments on plans to revise Highway Code for cyclist and pedestrian safety 18 Oct 18
One year on and still no sign of tougher sentences for killer drivers 15 Oct 18
Stephen Twigg MP wins award for efforts to improve road safety near schools 28 Sep 18
Brake comments as David Beckham escapes speeding conviction on technicality 27 Sep 18
Brake comments as Britain’s road safety record stagnates 27 Sep 18
Brake comments on Spurs' Captain, Hugo Lloris, guilty plea to drink driving charge 12 Sep 18
Brake joins forces with police to rid roads of defective driver vision 03 Sep 18
Nigel Evans MP wins award for rural road safety efforts 31 Aug 18
Brake urges full review of road safety laws as cycling offence consultation is launched 12 Aug 18
Brake comments on increase in drink-driving deaths and injuries 09 Aug 18
Brake responds to sentencing of Mohmed Patel for causing death by dangerous driving 07 Aug 18
Smartphone addiction findings highlight road safety danger 02 Aug 18
Darlington MP wins award for efforts to improve young driver safety 31 Jul 18
Mayor’s plan to reduce road speed in London welcomed by Brake 24 Jul 18
DVLA eyesight awareness campaign not enough to tackle issue of poor driver vision 23 Jul 18
Brake comments on research that shows driving is seen as a greater threat than gun and knife crime for young people 23 Jul 18
Brake comments on plan to increase speed through motorway roadworks 16 Jul 18
Drivers raise motorway safety fears as lorry traffic hits record high 13 Jul 18
Report finds insufficient government leadership and funding for road safety over past decade 06 Jul 18
New film from road safety charity calls on drivers to keep children safe in cars by using child seats 27 Jun 18
Richmond (Yorks) MP named Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Month for June 26 Jun 18
Brake comments as UK road safety progress stagnates 19 Jun 18
Victims families' anger at delayed introduction of tougher sentences for killer drivers 15 Jun 18
Brake comments on announcement of new Road Safety Statement 13 Jun 18
Brake comments on reported improvement in Scottish road safety 13 Jun 18
Thousands of kids march for safer roads as 39 children are killed or injured every day 13 Jun 18
Brake’s inaugural Family Liaison Officer Awards recognise police support for road crash victims 11 Jun 18
Road safety Parliamentarian of the Year awarded at Brake’s Annual Reception 07 Jun 18
Brake comments on learner drivers being permitted on motorways 04 Jun 18
Thornbury and Yate MP wins national road safety award 24 May 18
Brake comments on huge leap forward for EU road safety 17 May 18
Drivers support EU move to fit lifesaving vehicle technologies as standard 17 May 18
Brake publishes report on road safety and sustainability on the SRN 16 May 18
Theme announced for UK road safety week 2018 14 May 18
Brake comments on NI Graduated Driver Licensing consultation outcome 10 May 18
New road safety project for primary schools puts focus on children’s rights to walk safely 02 May 18
Lewes MP wins national road safety award 26 Apr 18
Brake joins the UN Road Safety Collaboration 25 Apr 18
Brake comments on cycling offence announcement 09 Mar 18
Drivers call for investment in segregated cycle routes 08 Mar 18
Brake comments on increase in drink-driving crashes in 2016 13 Feb 18
Garston and Halewood MP wins national road safety award 13 Feb 18
Brake comments on news that the Government will look into Graduated Driver Licensing in the UK 08 Feb 18
Brake comments on call for zero-tolerance approach to speeding and tougher penalties for those caught 31 Jan 18
Brake comments on week-long police crackdown on phone use whilst driving 22 Jan 18
Brake comments on dangerous driving conditions sweeping the UK 17 Jan 18
Tougher penalties for illegal mobile phone use behind the wheel undermined by lack of enforcement 13 Dec 17
Brake comments as judge says hands-free phones in cars are dangerous 06 Dec 17
Brake comments as new driving test comes into effect 01 Dec 17
Speeding offences rise by a third to reach six year high 24 Nov 17
Road collisions responsible for 1 in 5 trauma admissions to hospitals 20 Nov 17
Provisional statistics show almost 10,000 injured on Scottish roads 20 Nov 17
Bradford South MP wins national road safety award 14 Nov 17
Brake comments on figures showing only half of fixed cameras actively catching speeding drivers 04 Nov 17
Brake comments as Government announces winners of funding to upgrade testing infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology 19 Oct 17
Brake applauds new tougher sentences for drivers who kill and injure 15 Oct 17
Brake welcomes MEPs' calls for improved car safety standards 12 Oct 17
Brake recognises the best of the best at annual Fleet Safety Awards 29 Sep 17
Brake comments as road fatalities reach four year high 28 Sep 17
Birmingham Northfield MP wins national road safety award 25 Sep 17
Nine million motorists admit regularly flouting new mobile phone laws 21 Sep 17
Children’s road safety designs go on display outside schools as Brake announces winners of its national poster competition 14 Sep 17
Brake comments on Wayne Rooney's guilty drink driving plea 18 Sep 17
Brake supports Scottish proposals for default 20mph limit in built up areas 14 Sep 17
Coalition calls on mobile industry to cut driver distraction caused by phones 11 Sep 17
Brake comments on 'self driving' lorry tests 25 Aug 17
Brake calls for compulsory rural driving lessons for learners 23 Aug 17
Thousands of UK motorists driving with over 12 points 16 Aug 17
Industry and NGOs call for urgent UK action on vehicle safety standards 14 Aug 17
Brake comments as learner drivers set to have motorway lessons from 2018 13 Aug 17
Brake comments on new drink driving figures 03 Aug 17
New figures show "major inconsistencies" in drug driving arrests 27 Jul 17
Road deaths from police pursuits reach 11 year high 25 Jul 17
New figures show Highway Code falls short on stopping distances 20 Jul 17
Suspended sentences for street race drivers who hit 134mph 24 Jul 17
Scottish Highlands and Islands MSP wins fifth road safety award 24 Jul 17
Police Superintendent apologises for using mobile phone at the wheel 19 Jul 17
Irish Government proposes to name and shame drink drivers 19 Jul 17
Finalists announced for Brake’s Fleet Safety Awards 2017 17 Jul 17
Brake writes to new Roads Minister 30 Jun 17
UK making "slow progress" on road safety - new report 20 Jun 17
Brake responds to sentencing of Adam Elliott for dangerous driving 16 Jun 17
Brake responds to DEFRA air quality consultation 15 Jun 17
Brake comments on "deeply troubling" figures showing increase in deaths on Scotland's roads 14 Jun 17
Brake welcomes lower EU road injury targets 08 Jun 17
Brake welcomes new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature for iPhones 06 Jun 17
More than half of UK drivers admit to speeding in 20mph areas 10 May 17
Road safety charity supports launch of global road safety manifesto 08 May 17
Government proposals to reduce air pollution: charity accuses ministers of abdication of responsibility 05 May 17
Tougher penalties for speeding welcomed by road safety charity 21 Apr 17
Theme announced for UK Road Safety Week 2017 12 Apr 17
Brake partners with national fire and police chief councils on new road safety competition for schools 05 Apr 17
Keep our roads lighter and brighter 24 Mar 17
Charity backs calls for creation of road casualty investigation branch 22 Mar 17
Charity calls on First Minister to introduce drug drive law 16 Mar 17
Charity welcomes tougher penalties for mobile phone use behind the wheel 01 Mar 17
Castle Point MP wins national road safety award 16 Feb 17
Charity warns of gridlock Britain 10 Feb 17
Brake responds to criminal driving and sentencing consultation 08 Feb 17
Rise in road casualties condemned by Brake 02 Feb 17
Statement from Brake on the Bath tipper truck tragedy 27 Jan 17
Brake honours passion and commitment of road safety campaigners at annual awards 27 Jan 17
Brake welcomes police crackdown on drivers using mobiles 23 Jan 17
Dunfermline and West Fife MP wins national road safety award 13 Jan 17
Sober enough to read this? 15 Dec 16
Brake survey indicates a growing public demand for the government to reduce the drink-drive limit 09 Dec 16
Statement from Brake, the road safety charity: Dr Will Murray 08 Dec 16
Campaigning charity welcomes government proposals for tougher sentences for criminal drivers 02 Dec 16
Speeding and distracted drivers revealed as most feared as charity asks everyone to sign the Brake Pledge 18 Nov 16
Brake welcomes High Court ruling against Government on air pollution 04 Nov 16
Tomasz Kroker sentencing highlights need for criminal driving law changes 31 Oct 16
Brake’s Roads to Justice campaigners hand in petitions at Downing Street calling for stronger criminal driving laws 25 Oct 16
Brake joins road safety groups and emergency services to call for lower drink-drive limit 10 Oct 16
Don’t let your lunch be a crash diet… warnings about the dangers of eating at the wheel 06 Oct 16
Brake recognises best of the best at annual Fleet Safety Awards 30 Sep 16
Call for zero road deaths as casualty reduction stalls 29 Sep 16
Brake calls for urgent investment in road policing after huge drop in drivers caught on mobiles 29 Sep 16
Heywood and Middleton MP wins national road safety award 23 Sep 16
Brake says ditch the car this World Car Free Day 21 Sep 16
Brake backs European Day Without A Road Death 20 Sep 16
Cheaper, greener, healthier, quicker..? Brake says “get on your bike” this Cycle to Work Day 13 Sep 16
As children head back to school we reveal the extent of dangerous speeding in 20mph areas 01 Sep 16
Urgent action needed as drink-drive death figures stall 04 Aug 16
It’s never clever to use a smartphone while driving 29 Jul 16
Families bereaved by criminal drivers call for tougher sentences to parliament 13 Jul 16
Nine in 10 people want criminal drivers who kill charged with manslaughter 08 Jul 16
Urgent action needed as progress to prevent road deaths and casualties stalls 30 Jun 16
The Brexit road must not impede road safety 27 Jun 16
Seven in 10 people believe more parents would ditch the car for the school run if the journey was safer on foot 14 Jun 16
Bristol MP wins national road safety award 13 Jun 16
Just one shot could ruin your tournament 09 Jun 16
Yet more evidence to support Brake’s calls to ban dangerous hands-free phones in vehicles 08 Jun 16
Brake responds to Northern Ireland drink driving consultation 26 May 16
Brake responds to hand-held mobile phone consultation 25 May 16
Brake responds to Cycling and Walking consultation. 24 May 16
Nine out of 10 people back restrictions on new drivers that could help keep our roads safer 23 May 16
UK headed for gridlock as new record car use revealed 19 May 16
Brake backs Walk to School Week – a healthier and happier start to the day for you and the planet 16 May 16
Brake volunteers honoured by Prime Minister for ground breaking fundraising idea 13 May 16
New London Mayor backs urban 20mph speed limits 10 May 16
Real world emissions tests cannot come soon enough - as inquiry shows most cars more dangerous than claimed 22 Apr 16
Drive less, plant more - Brake backs Earth Day with call to make sustainable travel choices 21 Apr 16
Pledge to do six simple things to save lives this Road Safety Week 16 Mar 16
Brake’s junior campaigners say “speeding is naughty” as almost half of drivers admit breaking 20 mph limits designed to keep children safe 10 Mar 16
Yorkshire Lord wins national road safety award 10 Mar 16
Convictions up, but shocking numbers still drug-driving 29 Feb 16
Passion and commitment to road safety and saving lives honoured at Brake’s annual awards 24 Feb 16
No one loves a drink driver 11 Feb 16
Government must learn from Scottish drink drive laws and cut limit in England and Wales to save lives 10 Feb 16
Road safety charity slams government complacency as road deaths up 3% since 2014 05 Feb 16
Too many drivers unaware of basic safety measures that could help prevent serious injury 29 Jan 16
New laws catch more reckless drug drivers than ever 28 Jan 16
Highlands and Islands MSP wins award for continued efforts to improve road safety 28 Jan 16
Leeds MP wins national road safety award 25 Jan 16
Shocking numbers of drivers risked lives in Scotland last Christmas 21 Jan 16
New road safety laws a big step in the right direction for Northern Ireland 13 Jan 16
Brake backs new bill for Justice for Victims of Criminal Driving 11 Jan 16
Almost three quarters of drivers take life-threatening risks on icy roads 08 Jan 16
Brake disappointed with government's Road Safety Statement as a missed opportunity to save lives 22 Dec 15
Warm words from government on first Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy – but where IS the money? 17 Dec 15
Brake backs calls for changes to how we are deemed “fit to drive” after inquiry finds crash that killed six people could have been prevented 08 Dec 15
Young male drivers still risking their lives and others' by drink driving 04 Dec 15
‘GO 20’ interactive quiz launched to promote the benefits of 20mph limits 30 Nov 15
Charity welcomes General Medical Council’s strengthening of guidelines to doctors on reporting medically ‘unfit’ drivers to DVLA 25 Nov 15
‘Drive less, live more’ campaign launched by Brake, as devastating UK-wide health effects of driving are revealed 19 Nov 15
Brake warns of gridlock Britain 12 Nov 15
Brake launches ‘Drive less, live more’ interactive resource to reduce car journeys and make streets safer in the run up to Road Safety Week 04 Nov 15
Road Safety charity urges little feet to join Brake's Giant Walk 28 Oct 15
Intelligent UK drivers say yes to life changing technology 21 Oct 15
Reading West MP wins national road safety award 12 Oct 15
Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP wins award for efforts to improve A9 road safety 09 Oct 15
Brake recognises best of the best at annual Fleet Safety Awards 02 Oct 15
Government red tape puts brakes on 20mph limits 29 Sep 15
Brake calls for reintroduction of casualty reduction targets, as road deaths and serious injuries rise 24 Sep 15
Brake urges rugby fans to kick the risk of drink-driving into touch 18 Sep 15
Who's putting your life on the line? For a quarter of drivers, it's family 28 Aug 15
Thought-provoking ‘Sharpen up’ interactive resource launched to highlight importance of eye tests for drivers 24 Aug 15
Charity urges car buyers to put safety first, as survey finds brand more important to young drivers 11 Aug 15
Britain still struggling to break the drink drive habit 06 Aug 15
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP wins national road safety award 05 Aug 15
Stirling MSP wins award for efforts to improve community road safety 21 Jul 15
Government challenged to work towards zero road deaths, as charity sets out priorities to stem rising casualties 14 Jul 15
North Dorset MP wins national road safety award as Brake backs move to ban pavement parking 09 Jul 15
Brake urges strong leadership as people on foot and bike pay the price for road safety inaction 25 Jun 15
Brake urges decisive action as Scottish road deaths rise 17 Jun 15
Brake welcomes target to halve road casualties as 23,000 kids across London walk for road safety 10 Jun 15
I would walk 60,000 miles: 100,000 kids across the UK walk for road safety 10 Jun 15
Swansea East AM wins national road safety award as charity calls on Welsh Government to lead the way on 20mph limits 09 Jun 15
Brake urges drivers: save lives by pledging ‘not a drop not a drag’, as police launch drink and drug drive crackdown 01 Jun 15
Charity calls on employers: take advantage of technology to protect pedestrians and cyclists 28 May 15
Risky overtaking forces one in seven drivers to take evasive action 26 May 15
Brake welcomes tougher sentencing for drivers who kill 22 May 15
Brake backs Police Federation plea for lower drink drive limit and calls for greater priority for life-saving roads policing 19 May 15
The power of the written word: Brake launches revamped blog 15 May 15
Road safety charity urges schools to join 190,000 little feet taking part Brake’s Giant Walk 11 May 15
Brake asks politicians and drivers to #SaveKidsLives as Global Road Safety Week begins 01 May 15
Brake welcomes landmark ruling by Supreme Court ordering government to take immediate action to reduce air pollution 30 Apr 15
Make traffic policing and casualty reduction a priority, says charity, as half of drivers admit flouting traffic laws 28 Apr 15
Brake hails better justice for victims of disqualified drivers as tougher sentences come into effect 13 Apr 15
Brake calls on schools, communities and organisations to register now for Road Safety Week – and get free resources 10 Apr 15
Charity raises alarm bells as higher lorry speed limits come into effect 06 Apr 15
Leeds MP wins national road safety award for campaign for justice for victims of criminal driving 27 Mar 15
Britain still in the dark as charity renews call to make the most of daylight and make roads safer 27 Mar 15
Brake urges early years educators to register to take part in a fun Beep Beep! Day and to campaign for drivers to help save little lives 25 Mar 15
9,000 preventable injuries in last two years as government stalls on tackling young driver crashes 25 Mar 15
Better justice for road crime victims: Brake supports launch of MP’s manifesto for change 20 Mar 15
Beep Beep! campaign urges drivers to slow down to save little lives, as three in five parents report speeding around their child’s school 18 Mar 15
Highland MSP wins national road safety award for campaign to save young lives 10 Mar 15
Charity criticises government’s lack of ambition in cutting road casualties as MPs publish Future of Motoring report 06 Mar 15
Drug drivers beware: zero-tolerance law in force today welcomed by campaigners 02 Mar 15
Charity is touched by family of Mitzi Steady for launching appeal, days after her tragic death 19 Feb 15
Brake helpline for road crash victims awarded prestigious Helplines Standard 12 Feb 15
Driverless vehicle trials could be a step towards ending road deaths, says charity 11 Feb 15
Safety concerns are barrier to delivering walking and cycling benefits, says charity 10 Feb 15
Brake urges investment in life saving traffic police in response to falling numbers and rising casualties 09 Feb 15
Increase in road casualties should be wake up call for politicians, says charity 05 Feb 15
Charity urges road death prosecutors to take on recommendations as inspectors find victims are being failed 04 Feb 15
Awards for outstanding contributions to road safety announced at Brake’s 20th anniversary reception 28 Jan 15
Zak the Zebra backs Aylesbury school road safety plea 26 Jan 15
Myth-busting ‘sober up’ e-learning resource launched to raise awareness on dangers of drink and drug-driving 22 Jan 15
Check and prep your vehicle to save lives this winter, says charity 22 Jan 15
Brake echoes police calls, warning young people of dangers of drink and drug driving 21 Jan 15
Charity welcomes reduction in Scotland’s drink driving rates 12 Jan 15
Brake welcomes 20mph limits across Edinburgh 08 Jan 15
Turn around when possible: one in seven risking lives to correct sat-nav mistakes 07 Jan 15
Public demand government action as England and Wales risk falling behind in fight against drink driving 19 Dec 14
Local MP wins national road safety award for speed limit campaigns 15 Dec 14
New lower drink-drive limit in Scotland, welcomed by charity as a useful stepping stone to zero tolerance limit 04 Dec 14
Science fact, not fiction: Brake, the road safety charity, welcomes ‘driverless’ vehicles trial as an important step for road safety 04 Dec 14
Charity warns of danger posed by increase in lorry speed limit 02 Dec 14
Charity appeals to drivers: not a drop, not a drag this festive season, as police crackdown starts and new law comes into force in Scotland 01 Dec 14
Brake launches ‘look out for each other’ campaign as extent of selfish driving across UK is revealed 17 Nov 14
50 years, 25,000+ dead, since first anti-drink drive ad 07 Nov 14
Go bright and go 20, says charity, to prevent road casualties as evenings get darker 24 Oct 14
Road safety charity urges little feet to join Brake’s Giant Walk in 2015 21 Oct 14
Zak the Zebra canters into Whittle-le-Woods to support school campaign for 20mph limits 15 Oct 14
Employers urged: take action to help tackle pedestrian and cyclist casualties 15 Oct 14
Practitioners urged to refer injured road crash victims to Brake support guide as new edition released 09 Oct 14
Brake welcomes government THINK! campaign highlighting dangers of country roads 09 Oct 14
Bolton MP wins national road safety award for campaign to raise awareness of sleep apnoea 08 Oct 14
Charity calls for safer streets for families, as survey reveals walking and cycling worries 26 Sep 14
Charity urges government action as figures confirm stalled progress in road casualty reduction 25 Sep 14
South Norfolk MP wins national road safety award for campaign for community right to reduce speed 08 Sep 14
Charity urges government to make driver eyesight tests compulsory 21 Aug 14
Local MP wins national road safety award for work to tackle casualties 07 Aug 14
Public urged to speak out to stop the UK’s million drug drivers 05 Aug 14
Brake launches website to support life-saving Road Safety Weeks around the world 30 Jul 14
Drink drive message still not getting through as one in 15 fail breath-tests 25 Jul 14
Brake calls on schools, communities and organisations to run great events as part of Brake's Road Safety Week 25 Jul 14
Brake condemns government decision to increase speed limit for lorries on single carriageways 24 Jul 14
Drivers urged: don't treat country roads like racetracks this summer, as one in three admit driving too fast 24 Jul 14
Brake joins call for cross-border enforcement to save lives on UK roads 18 Jul 14
Students from Conisborough College win national road safety competition 16 Jul 14
Brake supports proposed penalty point increase for risky mobile phone use 16 Jul 14
Government funding renewed as demand for Brake’s support services for devastated road crash victims rises 15 Jul 14
#dontcrosstheline: Brake teams up with top ad agency to spread World Cup don’t drink and drive message 15 Jul 14
Local MP wins national award for campaign to improve cycle safety 10 Jul 14
Make streets safer for cycling to build on Tour de France fever, says charity 03 Jul 14
Vision zero: Brake welcomes road deaths fall but urges action to protect most vulnerable 26 Jun 14
Drivers clueless about dangers of over-the-counter drugs as hayfever season starts 25 Jun 14
High profile local MP proves she's got the energy to win national road safety award 17 Jun 14
Brake welcomes increase in fines for motorway speeding and phone use at the wheel 11 Jun 14
Kids want to get active: thousands march for safer streets 11 Jun 14
Brake honours safety conscious companies at annual Fleet Safety Awards 06 Jun 14
Zak the Zebra gallops into Romford to support schools’ campaign for 20mph limits 06 Jun 14
Brake urges public to stamp out drink driving as police launch summer crackdown 02 Jun 14
Brake welcomes clarified guidance for driving examiners on speed in urban areas 29 May 14
Government figures show ongoing lack of justice following devastating road deaths and injuries 27 May 14
Risky tailgating and speeding rife on UK motorways 22 May 14
Brake calls for zero-tolerance on at-work drink- and drug-drivers 14 May 14
Zak the Zebra gallops into Yaxham to support 20mph limits to keep kids safe 09 May 14
Brake welcomes tougher penalties for unlicensed drivers who kill and injure 06 May 14
Brake welcomes revised HSE guidance on work-related road safety 25 Apr 14
Risky hands-free calls at the wheel on the rise, as confusion about dangers persists 22 Apr 14
Charity calls on nurseries: run a Beep Beep! Day this Spring to save little lives 11 Apr 14
Eight in 10 back 20mph limits as charity takes campaign to parliament 02 Apr 14
Time to change: Brake renews call to make the most of daylight hours and help save lives 28 Mar 14
Brake calls on schools, communities and organisations to register now for Road Safety Week – and get free resources 28 Mar 14
Essential guide to road safety for small businesses can help cut costs and save lives 27 Mar 14
High profile local MP wins national award for campaign for 20mph speed limits 26 Mar 14
This isn’t justice: four in five support tougher penalties for killer drivers 21 Mar 14
Local MP wins national award for campaign for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers 06 Mar 14
Brake concerned about suggestion of raising licence renewal age 03 Mar 14
Young people encouraged to enter road safety ad competition to stop a young person dying every day on roads 07 Feb 14
Drivers urged to take time out to enjoy their lunch, as more than six in ten admit eating at the wheel 20 Feb 14
Brake releases new version of acclaimed support pack for bereaved road crash victims 19 Feb 14
Zak the Zebra visits St. Peter’s Primary School to support campaign for safe crossings 14 Feb 14
Clwyd South MP wins national road safety award for tougher sentences for drivers who kill 10 Feb 14
Brake speaks out in support of motorway speed camera roll-out 03 Feb 14
Primary schools urged to march for safer roads for walking to halt four children a day being seriously hurt on foot 28 Jan 14
Brake welcomes fall in Xmas drink driving but renews call for zero tolerance 24 Jan 14
Brake criticises first motorway pub as a dangerous temptation 21 Jan 14
Awards for outstanding contributions to road safety announced at Brake annual reception 15 Jan 14
Male drivers urged to wake up to dangers of tired driving; survey finds half have nodded off at wheel 09 Jan 14
Trafford MP wins national road safety award for safer streets campaign 03 Jan 14
Walkers urged to go bright for safer roads in Road Safety Week 30 Aug 12