Brake comments as excess speeds in lockdown revealed

News from Brake
Tuesday 2 June 2020
Police figures published today, following a freedom of information request from the RAC, have highlighted excess speeding by drivers across the country, during lockdown.
The data has shown that drivers were caught speeding in excess of 100mph in two-thirds of Britain’s police, during the first three weeks of the coronavirus lockdown.
West Yorkshire saw the highest speed over the limit, with a driver clocked going 151mph on a 70mph road. In total, six forces, the Met, Northamptonshire, Gwent, Staffordshire, Kent and Humberside – caught drivers travelling in excess of 130mph and two others, Police Scotland and Lancashire, recorded drivers at speeds over 120mph.
Commenting, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said: “The shocking speeds in these figures show arrogance, stupidity and a frankly disgusting lack of regard for the safety of others. We hope these individuals are punished to the fullest extent of the law, they are simply not fit to ever drive again.
“We urgently need a rehaul of our road culture, with speeding no longer tolerated and cycling and walking given priority investment. Lockdown has shown the value people place in quieter, safer streets and we must do all we can to maintain this momentum, starting with setting an example to those who brazenly flout the law and endanger lives.”
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