We all know that speed kills: speed has a direct influence on the occurrence and severity of killed and serious injury collisions. We also know that lower speeds make roads safer and result in fewer deaths.

Why do drivers speed? (And do you?). There are many given reasons for driving fast – which reason would you give?

  1. The heavy traffic driver: I need to make progress, get a move on. I believe you are slowing me down. Get out of my way!
  2. The running late driver: I am the driver who is always “running late” and tries to make up time by speeding…
  3. The ‘I'm in a hurry’ driver: I'm late, I'm late, and most likely will be the cause of a very serious collision.
  4. The thrill driver: I am an excellent driver and love to drive fast.
  5. The so familiar with the road driver: I am so familiar with driving the same roads – I don’t even know how I arrive home safely and what the speed limits were on my route.

Which driver are you? At different times you could be all of them.

None of the above reasons are ever justified. Whichever type of driver you are, whatever reasons you give for driving fast, I urge you to drive to arrive safely, share the road and treat other road users with respect.

Slow Down Save Lives is a campaign by Lancashire County Council to remind drivers to slow down and save lives. Making Lancashire Roads Safer.

Tony crook

Tony Crook

Road Safety Manager, Lancashire County Council

Tony Crook is the Road Safety Manager for Lancashire County Council and leads teams in Education and Engagement, Speed Management and Safety Engineering. Tony is additionally a member of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership Joint Operational Group. Until recently Tony was a proactive member of the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and was the NFCC lead officer for road safety until he retired from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service in April 2023 after 30 years' service.