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kid_feetMany of Brake's supporters have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash. Together we are stronger and can more effectively shout out about the need for road safety and the devastating consequences of crashes.

The most immediate way you can help is by fundraising for the charity, to help us support more people bereaved and injured in road crashes in the future and continue our campaigns for road safety. Organising a fundraising event in your community is also a great way to raise awareness of the cause and the importance of road safety. Some bereaved families organise events such as a football match or a special day in memory of their loved one. Read Jamie's story and Katie's story to find out about about two families who have done this, and for lots more fundraising ideas, go to our fundraising pages.

Help the public understand better the terrible tragedies caused by dangerous use of roads by adding your story to our memories pages.

Help prevent future tragedies is by helping Brake to campaign in government by emailing your MP and government ministers. Go to our campaign pages.

If you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash, or it happened to a member of your family, then you have a powerful story to tell. If you want to share your experience with others to help prevent more tragedies, and have experience of talking to groups of people, Brake can help you to tell your story in schools, companies and other group settings. We recommend that you don't consider this kind of volunteer work until at least two years since your crash happened.

Brake also trains police family liaison officers and other support workers such as health professionals to help them improve their standards of care when liaising with families bereaved by road crashes. This training is led by volunteers who have been bereaved in this way, trained by Brake. If you are interested in volunteering for this project, find out more about our training here and email or call Shane Bates on 01484 559909.

Brake also needs families who are prepared to tell their story to journalists as part of our media campaigns, including in Road Safety Week. If you would consider talking to the media, call our volunteer manager Lisa Kendall on 01484 683294 or email 

If you need to access Brake's support services for road crash victims, visit the help for victims pages, or call our helpline on 0808 8000 401.



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