Jacqueline Wilson, children's author

jacqueline-wilsonJacqueline Wilson OBE is the author of many award-winning children's books including Tracey Beaker and Vicky Angel. Jacqueline was children's laureate 2005-7. As a child Jacqueline was knocked down by a car.

Jacqueline says: "Children should be able to get out and about on foot and bicycles - it's crucial for their health, well-being and social development. Yet, as a nation, we are failing to protect our children on roads, so every week more families must face the heartbreak of a child's death or injury. Ever since I wrote a book about a child dying in a car crash I've become extremely concerned about road safety. I was run over by a car myself when I was 14 simply because I was in a daydream, not looking where I was going. I was lucky enough not to be seriously injured, but I could so easily have been killed. We need to convince drivers of the importance of slowing down around homes and schools, and we need to educate children and parents about walking and cycling safely."

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