Daniel Brocklebank, Actor

daniel-brocklebankDaniel Brocklebank, the Birmingham based actor lends his support to Brake. Daniel is mostly recognised for his work in Emmerdale and the acclaimed movie Shakespeare In Love. Daniel’s close friend Kelly was killed by a drink driver in 2005.

Daniel says: “A good friend of mine was killed age 20 as a passenger with a drink-driver - someone who was supposed to be her friend. I know how the sudden death of a young person in a road crash sends shock waves through the whole community - not to mention the terrible grief caused to the family. I find it shocking that so many young people are willing to gamble with their own lives and those of their friends by risk-taking behind the wheel. It’s time we worked as a community to put a stop to this waste of young lives. And it’s time young people woke up to the realities of road crashes and committed to a few basic safe driving rules - like never driving on drink or drugs, never speeding, and always belting up.”

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