Resources for road crash victim support professionals

Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you are caring for someone who has been bereaved by a road death during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is important to know how to help them as best you can, and how to look after your own wellbeing too. Being bereaved during this pandemic will be challenging. Government restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus (such as social distancing and self-isolation) mean that many people cannot spend time with their loved one’s body after their death, nor hold a normal memorial gathering.

Faced with this particularly challenging type of bereavement, people may experience a range of difficult feelings and symptoms.

Our online support resources are still available to bereaved families. You may also find it useful to read some of the information on our Sudden website (supporting those bereaved by sudden death) that relates to bereavement during, and by, COVID-19:

if you are supporting someone who has been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash, you can access support and information from Brake’s helpline. Call 0808 8000 401 or email The Brake helpline is an accredited, professional source of emotional support, practical information, referral to other sources of help, and advocacy to help you overcome difficulties.

Guidance for professionals working with families after a death or serious injury

Providing effective support following brain injury

Brain injury report cover imageThis guidance report provides an essential overview for all professionals and support workers working with victims of road crashes who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. It covers commonly experienced symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, methods used to assess the condition and options for care and rehabilitation.

Download the report


Providing effective support following spinal injury

Spinal injury guidance report coverThis report gives an overview of the symptoms and effects of traumatic spinal injury, alongside guidance on best practice in rehabilitation, care and management of an injury.

Download the report



FLO road death support e-guide

FV PolicemanAtDoor

This e-guide is an invaluable tool for new FLOs, existing FLOs, their trainers and managers, and anyone wishing to develop their understanding of the role of FLOs. It is not an alternative to official guidance or training delivered by the police to FLOs, but can be a valuable additional learning tool, emphasising the perspective of the victim. It has been prepared by Brake with the help of police officers experienced in supporting families bereaved by road crashes.



Brake is the national provider of support literature for adults and children bereaved following road death, and also provides guidance for people affected by serious injury following a crash.

Brake also runs an initiative called Sudden to help ensure people suddenly bereaved by any cause can access quality support, by sharing advice, best practice, research and resources among carers and support professionals. Guides for people suddenly bereaved by any cause are also available.

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