Fundraising Ideas for Children

It’s great to get children involved in fundraising from a young age.Childrens fundraising 2

Fundraising is all about having fun, whilst at the same time helping others.   So why not donate some time during the school holidays towards helping your child fundraise for Brake.  

We’re not expecting the children to raise £100s. Absolutely every single £1 donated to Brake is important – and if you let us know how you’ve fundraised for us, we will happily send a personal thank you and certificate to your child to acknowledge their hard work fundraising for us.

How to start?

Well first of all, let’s start with the basics - it’s important that a child’s fundraiser should be:

- Safe
- Not too long, or they’ll get bored
- Easy to understand and accomplish
- FUN!

Brake can provide your child with:

- A fundraising pack (including a sponsorship form, if required)
- A sheet of stickers for them to give out to their friends
- Some road safety fact sheets for the children to take into school

Here are a few fundraising ideas to get you thinking:

Bake Sale

All children love baking, either independently or with a grown-up. Why not set aside a couple of hours and bake some delicious buns and biscuits; have fun decorating them (how about traffic light colours?) and then sell them to friends, family and neighbours.

Sponsored Silence

Are the holidays feeling a bit loud? How about this brilliant, peaceful fundraiser to test your child’s commitment to their fundraising.   You choose a length of time that you think your child could achieve and ask friends and family to sponsor them.  Then prepare lots of silent activities to pass the time (books, colouring etc) and off you go.

Guess the number of sweeties in a jar

Take your child to the local shop to buy sweeties of their choice; find an appropriate sized jar and then fill it with the sweets. Remember to carefully count them all as you put them in, and seal the answer in an envelope.  Work with your child to design an answer sheet full of boxes that people can write their guesses in.  Visit friends, family and neighbours and charge £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, and your child can present them with the sweets!.

Name the Teddy

Buy a Teddy Bear! Download our Name-the-bear Sheet ask your child to choose a name for the bear and seal it in an envelope. Then visit friends, family and neighbours charging £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, and your child can present them with their prize – the teddy!

Wet Sponge Fun

Arrange a day when family and friends can all throw wet sponges at a chosen target (grandma? daddy? etc).   Perhaps charge 50p a throw?

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Organise a fun picnic at the park with friends and their teddy bears. You could charge £1 per bear invited and possibly include other silly fundraisers during the picnic.

Toddler Triathlon

Arrange for parents and toddlers to meet at the local park and for a minimal entry fee, arrange (1) to walk/run a certain distance, (2) to cycle/trike/scooter a certain distance, (3) a hunt for treasure in the park (coins, sealed sweets etc)

Car Wash

Why not ask friends, family and relatives if you can wash their car for them during the holidays, for a small donation? (Remind them that it’s not about the getting the car completely clean, it’s more about the fundraising your child is doing!)

The important thing to remember is that fundraising is fun!

Email if you would like to join in.  If you have your own fabulous fundraising ideas, let us know.

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