Dress like a zebra for the day

Zak masks Crop

Wear Your Stripes for Brake and dress in fun, bright, stripy clothes in support of Brake’s mascot Zak the Zebra.

You can choose traditional black and white zebra stripes, or go as bold as you dare! Ask your friends and family to dress in stripes for the day and give prizes for the best costumes.

Share your pictures with friends and family on Snapchat or Tik Tok. Sharing your story will encourage other people to support your fundraising.

Bake for Brake

Get everyone talking about road safety while you bake up a storm in the kitchen. Choose from road safety cupcakes or traffic light biscuits. Sell tasty treats to friends and family and donate the money to Brake.


Campaign for safer streets where you live

Campaign for safe and healthy mobility

Every day, six children are killed or serious hurt on roads in Britain. Road crashes are the biggest cause of death for young people worldwide.

Everyone has the right to make safe and healthy journeys. And the good news is that we know the solutions to make roads safer for everyone and they are available now.

For children to make safe and healthy journeys, we need:

  • safe roads
  • safe vehicles
  • safe speeds
  • safe road users

We also need to find out why crashes happen so we can stop them from happening again. Together this is known as the safe systems approach to road safety.

Want to make your community a safer place? You can help make a big difference by getting together with others and shouting loud and proud about road safety.

Getting improvements for your community and helping local people to use roads safely may take time, but it's amazing what can be achieved – and there are lots of examples of kids getting involved with road safety and making change happen.

Find out more about how safe systems works


What else can you do?

Be a good role model

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Always wear a helmet on a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Be visible as a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Use footpaths and cycle paths where available
  • Use safe crossing places where available
  • Know and respect the Highway Code
  • Learn some first aid skills and know how to react in case of a crash

Talk about road safety

You can talk about road safety at school and at home, with your friends and with your family. You can also talk to teachers and to people that run local businesses. You could write to your local MP if you are worried about road safety where you live, or use social media to tell your followers why you’re getting involved with road safety.

Tell people why we all need safer roads

Here are some easy ways to shout out for safer streets where you live:

  • Use chalk art to write simple road safety slogans on your driveway that remind people to drive slowly, or look out for cyclists.
  • Design and display a road safety poster calling for safe streets for people.
  • Get the wheels turning on your road safety campaign. Make your bike or scooter your campaign wagon. Add a flag or a placard and push out your message as you push your bike or scooter around your community.*

*Please don’t ride your bike or scooter if you’ve added anything that might affect your safety.