Kids march in New York for safe and healthy streets

Nine-year-old Preston Liao is one of hundreds of kids who marched in New York City, USA, to speak up for their right to safe and healthy streets.

The children were calling on the city’s law-makers to protect them by keeping speed safety cameras in schools. The law that allowed these cameras to be used was due to finish and the children wanted the cameras to stay to help catch people speeding.

Preston spoke to reporters and the crowds about his three-year-old sister Allison, who was killed while crossing the street with her grandmother.

Preston and his friends, some as young as six, helped secure support from the New York Governor.

The event was led by the Vision Zero Youth Council, which was founded by High School student Alison de Beaufort after her school friends Sammy, Joie and Mohammad were killed by reckless drivers in one year.