Cycle helmets might not look stylish, but they save lives. My helmet saved mine!

Maisie Godden-Hall

Maisie's story

I’m 12 years old, but my incident happened nearly two years ago when I just turned 11. I was cycling to school and had to brake suddenly because a car didn’t stop at the side junction in front of me. I flew over my handlebars and landed on the side of my head in front of the car. The driver didn’t see me, and ran over me, trapping me underneath.

My cycle helmet cracked when I hit the road and melted while resting on the exhaust under the car. But the helmet didn’t break, and my head remained protected.

I was flown by air ambulance to hospital where I stayed lying flat for almost a month. I then had two months where I needed to use a wheelchair and then crutches, until finally I was allowed to walk again.

It was a really scary time for me and my family. But because I wore my helmet things weren’t as horrific as they could have been. I thought nothing like this could ever happen to me, but it did.

So, I wanted to make other children aware of how important it is to wear a helmet. That’s why I started my own petition, calling on the Government to make wearing a cycle helmet law for children.

They might not look stylish, but helmets save lives, and it saved mine