Modern vehicles

Campaigning to place people and the planet at the heart of vehicle modernisation

The Modern Vehicles campaign embraces unstoppable developments in vehicle technology, that can save both lives and the planet, and calls on developments to be implemented in line with Brake's vision of safe, sustainable, healthy and fair transport.

What are we calling for?

  1. A raising of the bar of safety regulation on new vehicles, to prevent crashes and mitigate their outcomes.  
  2. Increased efforts by government and infrastructure providers to enable purchase and convenient refuelling of ultra-low emission vehicles. 
  3. Support and incentives for increased safe and green vehicle purchasing by the public.
  4. Increased safe and green vehicle purchasing choices by companies and organisations operating fleets. 
  5. Ensuring that the implementation of automated, connected vehicles within the UK are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair for all. This includes ensuring fair space and segregated routes for people on foot and bicycles. 

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