Brake's Virtual Run


 Brake's Virtual Run is BACK for 2019!

This September we are aiming to collectively run 1,774km in memory of the 1,774 people who are killed, on average, on Britain's roads each year. 

Register for Brake's Virtual Run this summer to receive your t-shirt, fundraising pack & create your unique supporter page where you can raise money, upload photo's and log your running activity!



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What is a Virtual Run?

In a Virtual Run, virtually anything is possible. Unlike traditional, physical events a virtual event takes place wherever and whenever you want. Imagine running in your neighborhood whilst hundreds of other people do the same in theirs.

It's your race, so you can choose what distance you run and how fast you run it.

This year we are asking participants to collectively run 1774km during the summer in memory of the 1774 people who are killed, on average, on our roads each year. Participants can run as many times as they like during September and are able to upload every time they complete a run to their Virtual Run page created when registering.

When is it taking place?

Brake's Virtual Run is taking place this September 2019. You can choose to complete your run on one specific day or run multiple times throughout the month to help reach our 1774km total. 

Why is the total 1774?

On average 1774 people are killed on our roads each year.

This figure is based on statistics produced from the Department for Transport from 2014 – 2018.

Where do I register?

Registration is now open, click here to register

It costs just £5 for all participants.

Is there an age limit for Brake's Virtual Run?

Brake's Virtual Run is for all ages so there is no age limit for those taking part.

Each participant will need to pay the registration fee of £5.

How much does it cost?

It costs just £5 to register for Brake’s Virtual Run 2019.

Once you have registered you will receive a Brake Virtual Run 2019 t-shirt, fundraising pack and a Virtual Run sponsorship form.

I want to register a large group, do I have to register everyone individually?

Each participant will need to pay the £5 to take part in Brake's Virtual Run. 

For larger groups please call 01484 550060 to register and pay for the places over the phone.

Do I get a medal for taking part?

Yes! If you're fundraising as part of your run, you will receive the following rewards; 
  • Raise £10 participants will receive a personalised certificate.
  • Raise £50 will received a special Virtual Run 2019 Medal for taking part in the event.
  • Raise over £100 you will be put into a Prize draw to win a running hamper!
All the money raised as a result of Brake’s Virtual Run 2019 will be in memory of the 1774 people who are killed on our roads each year. The money will go towards our dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes.

How do I add my run to the totaliser?

During registration, each participant will create their own page, where you can upload pictures and easily log and runs you complete.

Click here to watch a video explaining how to log your run manually.

You can even sync you favourite Strava, Fitbit or MapMyfitness account to automatically upload your activity throughout September! Click here to see how to connect your fitness device to your page.

All activity logged on any virtual run pages will automatically be added to the totaliser. Click here to view the live totaliser.

How far should I run?

This is your race, so you choose how far you run. We recommend that you set yourself a target during registration. Why not give yourself a challenge – something to work towards.

You can let us know how far to plan to run during the registration process and set a target for all to see on your fundraising page.

How do I fundraise?

You will receive a hard-copy Virtual Run sponsorship form when you receive your pack. Can't wait until then? We'll also email you an online copy when you register.

If you want to do your fundraising online, an Everyday Hero page is created during the registration process.

Your fundraising page is a place where you can upload pictures and log any runs that you do. It’s important to log if you have done a run on your page, so it can be added to the totaliser and help run 1774km.

Money raised as a result of Brake’s Virtual Run 2019 will be in memory of the 1774 people who are killed on our roads each year. All the money you raise will fund vital campaigning for safer roads and support services for those bereaved or seriously injured on the road.

Can I run in memory of someone?

Yes. We have many supporters who would like to take part in Brake’s Virtual Run in memory of a loved one.

There will be an opportunity to say who you are running for during the registration process.

Can a team of us run together?

Yes! We strongly encourage running with friends, family or colleagues to get the most out of your Virtual Run. Why not have a competition to see who can run the furthest or raise the most money?

You can either create or join a team during the registration process or once you have registered as an individual.

Where can I run?

You can complete your run anywhere, (so long as you are not breaking the law!)  

Why not complete your run;

  • down at your local park 
  • at your local gym on the treadmill
  • as part of an organised local event

Where you choose is up to you!

Are there any running events happening near me?

There are many 5K, 10K, half and full marathons also taking part all across the UK.

Click here to find out where your nearest run is.
Participants will have to register for external races individually.  Brake does not take responsibility for booking you onto these races.

Want something more local and less formal? Park Run organise hundreds of weekly, free, pre-arranged races in local parks all across the UK. You can find your nearest one here.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can email or call 01484 559909 if you have any questions or require any more information.

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