Have fun fundraising!

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There are all sorts of ways that you can fundraise while also having heaps of fun. Involve your school, your work, your family and friends and help raise awareness about road safety while having a great time.

How about an office dress-down day, a party or music gig, baking cakes, shaving your head .. the list is endless, and can be as simple or extravagant as you choose!

Brake's fundraising team has put together a list of ideas to choose from (see below), or choose your own. Then complete our online form or contact Joe at fundraise@brake.org.uk or on 01484 550060. We look forward to hearing from you!

Eat and make merry!

  • Bake for Brake – Put your baking skills to the test, and sell at work or in the community
  • Corporate and club dinners – Why not nominate Brake for your next charity dinner 
  • Coffee Morning – Everyone loves a nice cuppa, particularly if accompanied by a slice of cake
  • Dinner for Good – Have a dinner party and ask for donations from your guests

In your community

 Make a night of it!

  • Bingo Night - A perfect social event, easy to organise, fun for all ages.
  • Party for Brake - Make a night of it with friends and fundraise together.
  • Talent Evening – Think you’ve got talent? Organise a talent evening to raise money

 Office fundraisers

  • Fining folk – Create a fine box in the office for being late or swearing
  • Give as you earn – Make a small donation each month which comes out of your salary
  • Match funding – Get your organisation to match what you raise
  • Office shop – Sell unwanted DVDs,CDs and books
  • Sweepstakes – Download our sweepstake kits for upcoming events

 Simple fundraisers

Sporty fundraisers

None of these for you?

Click here for tips on how to organise a successful event or for tips on raising sponsorship money

Chosen what you want to do or want to chat it through with Brake's team? 

Complete our online form or contact Joe at fundraise@brake.org.uk or on 01484 550060


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