Driving for zero: alcohol and drugs

Despite decades of campaigns, one in eight road deaths still involves a driver over the limit [1]. Because the UK's drink drive limit is high, there will be more, unrecorded, casualties involving drivers impaired by alcohol but under the current limit [2]. All countries in Europe apart from Malta have a lower drink drive limit than the UK (excepting Scotland which reduced its drink drive limit a bit in December 2014).[3]  

Drug driving is also a widespread menace: since the introduction of a law in March 2015, allowing police to test and arrest in England and Wales for certain illegal and legal drugs, there has been an 800% increase in arrests despite limitations in testing equipment and levels of policing.[4] Get more facts on drink driving and drug driving and scroll down for what we need, how to take action, and more campaign news. 

However, despite the legislation that the government has put in place in 2015, the police have been limited in their ability to detect drug-driving at the roadside. This is due to the absence of Home Office type-approved roadside drug-screening devices. The type approval procedure aims to ensure devices meet government standards. [5] Currently, there are only two devices that have type-approval, and they are only capable of screening for cannabis (THC) and cocaine [6]. Other commonly detected drugs (notably MDMA (ecstasy)) have no type-approved testing device. 

What we need

  • A drink drive limit of 20mg per 100ml of blood, in line with evidence even one small drink affects driving. It should be none for the road.
  • Extension of England and Wales drug driving law to Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Stepped-up and targeted enforcement, giving police the strategies, staffing and equipment to test and convict at effective levels to deter.
  • Type-approved roadside screening devices for all banned drugs, with priority given to a device that screens for MDMA (ecstasy). 
  • More up to date research into the prevalence of drugs and alcohol. In government research published in 2001, it was found that 18% of dead drivers had illegal drugs in their system, but this research hasn't been repeated. 

Take action

Campaign news

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Drugs Roadside Testing Bill presented to parliament, 05/07/2010
Independent review of drink and drug driving by Sir Peter North recommends lower limit, 16/06/2010
Brake and Direct Line publish Safe Driving Report 2: Fit to Drive, 01/02/2010

End notes

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