Serious injury following a road crash

This edition of the serious injury guide has been written thanks to sponsorship from Slater and Gordon Solicitors.

helplinenewIf you have been seriously injured in a road crash, or if you are caring for someone injured in this way, this guide is for you. This edition has been written thanks to generous sponsorship from Slater and Gordon Solicitors.

A serious injury caused by a road crash is sudden, violent, and often has far-reaching effects on the injured person's life and the lives of their loved ones. This guide can help you deal with many issues that emerge over time. It includes information on financial, practical and emotional help as well as information on criminal processes if the injury was caused by someone else's driving.

The Brake victim helpline on 0808 8000 401 can provide further information, put you in touch with other agencies relevant to you, and call people on your behalf. Call us.

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Guide for victims and their carers following a serious injury road crash

Part one: Hospital treatment, rehabilitation and disabilities

Advice if your loved one is in hospital  

Rehabilitation and disabilities

Part two: Claiming compensation  

Hiring a solicitor to claim compensation for you   

Compensation types and the process of claiming 

Part three: The crash and criminal prosecutions

Vehicles and motor insurance 

The police investigation 

Media attention 

The process of bringing a prosecution     

Criminal charges  

If the crash happened abroad        

Part four: Coping with emotions and feelings

I can't believe it has happened

I have very strong feelings

There has been no justice

My symptoms are extreme and not going away

Part five: Useful organisations

Charities that promote road safety

Government bodies with responsibility for road safety

Your political representatives

Organisations representing road users


This serious injury guide has been written thanks to sponsorship from Slater and Gordon