Brake's Giant Walk

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Brake's Giant Walk is a fantastic event for your school to get involved with to get your school or community group walking to call for safer roads, to run great lessons based on road safety on a variety of subjects around the event, and to use the event as an oppurtunity to raise funds for Brake's work to improve road safety and care for road crash victims. On Wednesday 10 June 2015 thousands of children will take part in this great event, and we want you to be a part of it.

We are calling on little feet to take part in Brake's Giant Walk for a giant reason: to say no to driving fast, and yes to walking! The UK has a poor record for protecting children on foot compared to many of our European neighbours. Half our children are driven to school, increasing pollution and danger, and affecting health. It doesn't matter if your march has five children or 500, you can make a difference. All schools taking part get a free resource pack to help them promote road safety.

We are pleased to announce that Brake's Giant Walk 2015 will take place on Wednesday 10 June 2015 at 10am. Register now at by calling us on 01484 550061 or email .


You can also find advice on teaching and promoting road safety year-round here, and why not sign up to get involved in Road Safety Week in November too, our other big event for schools and communities. 

Read on for four giant reasons to take part in Brake's Giant Walk

NI -Victoria Primary School Carrickfergus1. Great summer term project
Brake's Giant Walk can be a fantastic focal point for you to run lessons based on road safety. You could run science lessons about the forces involved in road crashes, geography lessons about the ways children travel to school around the world - the possibilities are endless, and Brake provides resources and support to help you run great lessons. In 2014, 78% of participating schools ran lessons based on road safety around their event. Children can also make their own 'slow down' and 'get walking' placards and other materials such as leaflets and posters in art classes.

2. Slow down drivers and get kids walking 
Your walk gives children a voice, helping them tell drivers to slow down and look out for people on foot and bike. We can help you get publicity for your march through local media, and promote the event in your newsletter or website, to get the road safety message out as widely as possible. Your walk can also call for local road safety measures specific to your community.
3. Help bereaved families  
Children can be sponsored to take part, helping fund Brake's road safety campaigns and services for families bereaved and injured by road crashes. We can give you sponsorship envelopes (see the 2014 resource pack) to help your pupils collect funds and a certificate for the school to say thank you. We can also give you advice and ideas on other ways to fundraise.

4. Get your pupils walking and cycling
Brake's Giant Walk can be a great event to springboard a school travel plan. After children have taken part in the event they will have a greater appreciation of the benefits of walking or cycling to school.

We also run a star schools scheme, recognising schools that go the extra mile to fundraise, educate and campaign. Find out more.

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If you took part in 2014 we would love your feedback - please fill in our online form here.
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