If you have been bereaved by a road crash, the police are required to give you printed copies of Brake's guidance for bereaved adults and children.

If you have not received these, call our helpline on 0808 8000 401 or email admin@brake.org.uk, to be sent free printed copies and access over-the-phone support and information.

Information and advice for bereaved families and friends following a death on the road

Click on the links below for guidance about what happens after a crash, practical issues, investigations and criminal charges, court cases, claiming compensation, and links to useful organisations. You can also download our guidance to help anyone affected by a road death to cope with their grief.

Support books for children and their adult carers

When someone you love dies in a road crash it is a shattering experience, whether you are a grown up or a child. As a parent or carer, it can be particularly difficult to know what to say to bereaved children or how to behave around them.

Someone has died in a road crash is a picture book for children to read with adults after a road death. It uses simple language and colourful pictures to communicate important messages and encourage discussion and honesty between children and their carers. It is a simple way for families in distress to share emotions and support each other at a bleak time.

Helping children bereaved by road death is a guide for adults who are caring for children bereaved by a road crash.

Both books are available to order. Call the Brake helpline on 0808 8000 401, email admin@brake.org.uk or ask your police contact.

You can also download both books for free. Please click on the links below.