Victim support

Brake’s National Road Victim Service is a specialist service for people affected by road death and serious injury and the professionals supporting them.

Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you have been bereaved by a road crash during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, or if you are are caring for someone who has been bereaved in this way, Brake's National Road Victim Service is here to help. Our case management service for road crash victims is open as usual, from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, to give practical and emotional support to anyone affected by road death and serious injury.

Being bereaved during this pandemic will be challenging. Government restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus (such as social distancing and self-isolation) mean that many people cannot spend time with their loved one’s body after their death, nor hold a normal memorial gathering.

Faced with this particularly challenging type of bereavement, people may experience a range of difficult feelings and symptoms.

Our online support resources are still available to bereaved families. You may also find it useful to read some of the information on our Sudden website (supporting those bereaved by sudden death) that relates to bereavement during, and by, COVID-19:

Help us achieve our goal of zero road deaths and injuries

Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road. Each crash is a tragedy, each crash is preventable.

If you’d like to help us develop our support services and reach more people, please make a donation or see our fundraising ideas.

Brake's case management service for road crash victims



Your memories

Brake has a Tribute webpage dedicated to the memory of those who have died in road crashes. If you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash and would like to create a Tribute, please click the button below.


To visit the Brake Memorial Rose Garden, and read the Tributes, please click the button below:

Rose Garden


For information about seeking legal support following a road crash, see Brake’s legal support web page.

For information about confidentiality and how Brake uses personal data, see Brake’s privacy policy.

Our support standards and providing feedback
You can read our support service standards, including for our helpline.

If you want to make a comment or complaint about the National Road Victim Service, you can do so through the Brake comment / complaint procedure.


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