Report 4 - Risky Business

Report 4 - Risky BusinessPublished 2011

Not only do many of us under-estimate the risks of using roads, but this under-estimation may itself heighten the dangers. Using roads is, for most of us, the most dangerous thing we do each day, yet because of its mundane nature, it's easy to forget this, and forget to take steps to be safer.

This report shows that many of us feel disproportionately safe behind the wheel, cocooned within the comforts of our vehicle, and often forgetting to look out for others. Yet most of us acknowledge the dangers of using roads in some way, such as through fears for loved ones, and an appreciation of risks faced by the most vulnerable road users, like children.

Perhaps the overriding message is the importance of connecting these dangers faced by our loved ones and children to our own driving behaviour, acknowledging that the way we drive has a direct impact on our own safety and that of others.

Main findings:

  • Almost all drivers (98%) think they are safer than, or as safe as, the average driver
  • Nearly a third (31%) feel safest when driving a car compared to other modes of transport, while only 5% said they feel safest being a passenger in a car compared to other modes.
  • More than eight in 10 drivers (83%) worry that a loved one may be killed on the road (83%), and one in nine people constantly worry about it.
  • More than two-thirds (70%) consciously worry about being hit by traffic when they are walking.
  • Almost four in 10 (39%) people who never cycle say they would given safe routes in their community

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