Brake comments on new road safety action plan

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Friday 19 July 2019
The Government has set out a major package of measures to reduce the number of people killed and injured on roads. The new road safety action plan aims to improve safety for people at every stage of life – from infants in car seats to those with years of driving experience and measures such as increased penalties for failing to wear a seatbelt are being considered.
Commenting, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, said:
“More than 70 people are killed or seriously injured on British roads every day, a shocking statistic which has barely improved over the past decade, and so a renewed national focus on road safety is long overdue.
"Wearing a seat belt significantly improves your chance of survival in a serious crash and so it's deeply concerning that so many people are choosing not to strap themselves in. We support using penalty points to reverse the worrying trend of being unbuckled in a car - simply put, seat belts make you safer.
“It’s great to see so many innovative projects in the road safety action plan, demonstrating a clear commitment from the Government, but while there are still deaths and serious injuries on our roads we can always do more. We must strive for vision zero and the elimination of road death and serious injury – we would never accept such carnage in rail or aviation so why should we for roads?”
Notes to editors:
  • The Department for Transport's new road safety action plan can be found here

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